Infra-Slim Body Contouring System

Infra-Slim Body Contouring System

We are now exclusively offering Infra-Slim in the Kansas City metro.  This is a body contouring system that uses a revolutionary infrared pressure therapy that rids the your body of fat and inches.
Studies show that infrared heat quickly and painlessly penetrates your body. This heats about one and a half inches deep from the inside out.

When fat cells are heated to 110 degrees the fat is liquefied and cause the cells to empty by opening and expelling their contents of fat and toxins.

Meanwhile, the pressure therapy cycles between compression and decompression which simulates a deep massage below the surface of your skin.

When you combine the infrared heat and the pressure into one therapy, the liquefied fat and toxins are moved into the liver and lymphatic system where your body gets rid of it!

Infra-Slim Body Contouring SystemWe all know what that means!

Shrinking fat cells give you a flatter waist, tummy, thighs, buttocks and arms.






Other benefits include:

Infra-Slim Suit

  • Slimming and firming of your entire body
  • Improved circulation and reduction of edema
  • Relief of numbness or pain (Neuropathy)
  • Improvement of your skin tone
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Possible improvement for people suffering from hypertension or diabetes
Studies show, by using this therapy, you can reduce one inch in your waistline in one or two sessions!  And lose up to four or five inches in just three sessions!

Participants also report a noticeable reduction in pain, an increase in energy, and a feeling of well being.


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When I deciding to try the Infra-Slim suit, I wasn’t expecting much.  However, the results were so unexpected!

I have unbearable foot pain and need Achilles heel surgery.  Combined with my extra weight I can’t do the daily exercise I used to be able to do.

After one Infra-Slim session…it gave me motivation to continue.

My waistline decreased seven inches and I have 15 pounds of permanent weight loss in only four months!

I didn’t even get this kind of motivational results from daily exercise.

Not only is the weight loss a great benefit, but I also have less body aches and pains.  Even my unbearable foot pain is now at a tolerable level. I can now do some low impact exercise without tears.

This Infra-Slim therapy, provided results and relief in such a short time.  I will continue with my sessions, making my body and myself very happy!

Denise P.