More pictures from Pharping Nepal

More pictures of Pharping from our medical mission trip to Nepal.

More pictures from Pharping Nepal More pictures from Pharping Nepal  More pictures from Pharping Nepal More pictures from Pharping NepalMore pictures from Pharping Nepal

We are next traveling to Pokhara, Nepal, flying by the Annapurna mountain range.

More pictures from Pharping Nepal

Please continue to pray for us as we travel and minister to these wonderful people,


Our Medical Team in Nepal

We have 16 people on our medical mission team, consisting of Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, and body workers.  As I mentioned we are splitting up among various monasteries in Pharping to set up temporary clinics. The doctors are are taking a holistic approach.  They are giving the patients herbs and others things to help them.  

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Starting our Medical Mission in Pharping

  The people are so grateful for the help.   One lady hugged and kissed me, saying it was a token of love from her to me for taking away some of her long years of pain. This gentleman received some of the donated glasses.  As you can see he is very happy! Our team of

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Nepal – Day 1

We spent the day touring the city and learning about the culture and people of Nepal.   Our first service day we had 200 people come in for care.  The people are very lovely.

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Charlene is in Nepal

Thank you to all that have donated to my Medical Mission Trip to Nepal. I have received essential oils, reading glasses, and money for the trip and for the people of Nepal. I am very excited to go with our medical team! Our itinerary has changed some due the flooding over there. It will be a little more

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